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Skills & Topics:

Individual and group programs can be customized to cover any of skills or topics below, including Social-Emotional Skills, Life Skills, and Learning Skills.

Social-Emotional Skills
  • Social Conversation Skills

  • Friendship Skills

  • Self-Regulation Skills
    (managing emotions, mindfulness)

  • Formal Conversation Skills

  • Emotional Literacy

  • Giving Compliments

  • Building Confidence and Resilience 

  • Making Compromises 

  • Resolving Conflicts

  • Minding Manners

  • Expected Behaviors

  • Self-Advocacy 

  • Jokes and Humor

  • Setting Goals

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Independent Living Skills

  • Internet and Phone Safety

  • Money Skills

  • Calendar and Schedule Skills

  • Telling Time & Temporal Concepts

  • Community Skills

    • ordering food

    • paying at a store

    • identifying community resources

    • map skills

  • Computer Literacy

  • Digital Literacy

  • Organization Skills

  • Personal Banking

  • Checking the weather

  • Finding and Following Recipes

  • Making lists

  • Estimating and Rounding

  • Measuring

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Online Shopping

  • Collecting and Interpreting Data

  • Exercise and Healthy Living

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Learning & Language Skills
  • Executive Functioning Skills

  • Problem Solving Tasks

  • Making Inferences

  • Following Directions 

  • Listening Skills

  • Memory and Visualization

  • Reasoning Skills

  • Comprehension Skills

  • Vocabulary

  • Expressive Language

  • Receptive Language

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Learning Skills
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Whether you are looking for a one-to-one program or group sessions, the first thing to do is fill out an interest form.



Once we have this info, including your availability and what you're looking for, we'll use this to find a group for you or schedule a one-to-one program.

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